A social entrepreneur helping social entrepreneurs

The company, Firm for the Culture has truly caught my eye today. I am so intrigued by the concept and pretty much in awe of its founder, attorney Rukayatu Tijani. She calls herself a social entrepreneur helping social entrepreneurs.

Why do I love what this firm represents? Because it provides much-needed support for those who have bet on themselves or are actively betting on themselves, every single day with the content they create and share with the world.

The mission detailed on the website of helping these entrepreneurs “own the brands they’re creating as they scale their impact” speaks to me in a big way. Tijani even has her tagline trademarked, which is prominently displayed on the site. This quickly puts into ones mind they *may* need to do the same.

I learned in a newsletter from the Journal of Black Innoivation that even prominent creators are losing control of their trademarks due to not filing before releasing to the public and even worse - many social entrepreneurs are victims of people actively scouring social platforms in search of what can be stolen and trademarked.

Recognizing that and seeking to do something about it is noble, much-needed and a big win for those whose creativitiy and content is at risk.