Do More Than Promote Your Company on LinkedIn

Incorporate who you are as an individual and how you think - beyond the organization

It’s so nice of you as an employee to share company content on your social media accounts. Webinars? Check. Whitepapers? Check. Job Postings? Check. Screen shots of meetings? Check. Blog posts? Check. Awards and accolades? Check. Links to earned media? Check. The list can go on and on.

A lot of super-talented people do only that - post about and promote the company for which they work on LinkedIn.

Now, please understand all organizations want and appreciate brand ambassadors on LinkedIn, so doing this can bring you major kudos internally and I know the communications and marketing teams are especially ecstatic about your efforts. I’ve also helped many companies develop strategies to recruit and nurture the highly valuable employee ambassador cohort, because it is an easy way to extend reach. Especially in a large organization. And it is good to do this.

However, aligning yourself solely with your company doesn’t do much for your own personal brand, nor does it provide much insight into who you are, how you think, what you deem important, or much else. If you like it that way and you’re good with that- you can stop reading right now, and you don’t need to watch the video below, either. It is truly your prerogative, and I understand that may be all you have time to do on social media and could care less.

But I believe establishing who you are on social media and injecting g little bit of YOU can go a long way for a personal brand. And we all need one. Yours at this point may just be that you are a (TITLE) at (COMPANY X.)

Well, what happens if or when you are no longer that? Your entire identity on the platform has been tied to that company. So start injecting a little bit of YOU on LinkedIn. You’ll be glad you did.