ICYMI: The Bet On Yourself Manifesto

At the beginning of January, I launched the Bet On Yourself Manifesto with eight core tenets I believe are critical to moving towards putting all of your eggs in the YOU basket. This is a bet - in my opinion - that will never, ever steer you wrong, and I encourage you to put them into practice.

I re-shared the BOY Manifesto on LinkedIn recently and received the following question in the comments:
Hi Angela, this is a cool list. I like it. Can you please expand on what you mean by "Set Boundaries". I want to better understand that one in context with "Take Risks".

I thought my reply might be valuable beyond LinkedIn, so I am sharing it below the infographic.

I thought my reply might be valuable beyond LinkedIn, so I am sharing it below:

“I can see how taking risks and setting boundaries may seem like polar opposites but actually, they are not. When I talk about setting boundaries, I mean becoming in tune with your non- negotiables, taking stock and realizing you can't live for others or always do what is asked or even expected of you and finding a way to make that okay, or even your new normal, When you take that notion back up to the premise of "betting on yourself" you will sometimes face people who think you are making a mistake, in the instance of becoming an entrepreneur for example - it's often shunned by others who don't understand why someone might leave a great job to go out on their own. You may have to set boundaries with them on how much you will listen to that or even share your plans. Consider someone offering to pay you an amount that is much less than your true value. You'd have to set boundaries in order to refuse it. The bet you made on yourself is you are worth more and won't accept less. AND you took a risk by communicating that because you just may not get it at all. I could go on all day. I hope this provided some perspective. If not, message me.”

The commenter replied that he “loved the answer and the thought process.”

It had not occurred to me that some of these tenets could seem like opposites, so I’m glad I received the question and had a chance to provide some perspective. Remember, betting on yourself is a muscle you have to actively work in order to make it stronger. Just keep working at it.

How’s your journey coming along? I’d love to hear about it. In what ways are you betting on yourself?