Ideas are not free. Inspiration is.

I heard from a woman in my network a few days ago who wants to connect and meet for coffee. She is a highly accomplished professional with a stellar resume in the pharma industry. Here is part of her ask: “ I am seeking your personal perspective on going out on your own. I am right where you were and frozen at the moment. I am seeking inspiration.”

I believe inspiration is a key component of finding success. It can lead you to the courage required to make leaps of faith, both big and small. Sometimes we know exactly when we need it, and other times we do not. In my experience, those are the times it shows up unexpectedly - when I may have been seeking to encourage or inspire someone else but they end up giving me the words I needed as well.

I am often telling women that ideas are not free. It’s my way of helping people realize and understand their value and protecting their intellectual property which has accumulated over years and years of hard work. Ideas aren’t free, but inspiration is.

Seek it, provide it and even learn to inspire yourself.

Of course I’m going to meet with the woman mentioned above and do what I can to pour some inspiration into her situation and help her get unstuck.

Going out on your own is the ultimate bet you can make on yourself. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you know who has ‘been there, done that’ to help you get over the hump, move beyond what’s keeping you stuck and find the courage to move forward.

NOTE: My online course: Bet On Yourself - Because Others Have and Won Big is available if you’re interested. You can find it here.