You Can, if You Stop Thinking You Can't!

I came across an old blog post of mine from September 2019, which was inspired by an event I attended where the speaker had phenomenal advice. It is definitely worth sharing again, so I’m including the original post below. I hope it fuels your passion to keep betting on yourself, and following your own path.

Visionary, dynamo and phenomenal businesswoman.  That’s how I describe Sepi Saidi, President and CEO of SEPI, INC., a premier full service civil, environmental planning, and construction management engineering firm in the Southeast.

I had the pleasure of hearing Sepi speak at the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s “Coffee with Sepi Saidi” last week and I hung on her every word. This was by far, the most valuable event I’ve attended all year!

Here are a few gems I was able to jot down and would like to share:

  • “You can if you stop thinking you can’t.”

  • “Relationships become so much of your personal capital.”

  • “In the middle of a crisis, you have to have faith in tomorrow.”‬ ‪

  • “When you stay positive, you’re able to identify positive opportunities. When you stay negative, it’s hard for you to see anything.”‬ “Talk to people and build relationships.”

  • “I always ask myself: “Why not?”

  • “Being out there pushing my limits and staying positive has worked for me.”

And a quote she said that resonated with her during the recession:

  • ‪“In the depth of Winter, I found in me an invincible Summer!”‬

Thank you, Sepi, for your authenticity and sharing your truth.